Sevatar – The Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy, Night Lords, Painting


I very recently discovered the Black Library Night Lords novels by Aaron Dembski-Bowden and was almost instantly turned back onto the 40K setting after years of being abused by it while working for GW. (Dealing with a million ‘spacky Billys’ armed with their ‘Blue Teams’, *shudder*.)

This combined with Forge World releasing their head honcho, Night Haunter was enough for me to jump back in. Having decided to go for Heresy-era Night Lords I ordered a bunch of Resin-Crack and got to it. I started Night Haunter, but then Sevatar was released. I threw money at my screen until it was delivered and cracked on with Sev. He’s the first Night Lord I’ve completed for my fledgling 30K force, and I’m not 100% happy with him but I tried out a bunch of new techniques and painting methods I usually stay away from.


Sev 3Sev 2

Sev 4Sev 1

Since everyone has their own take on the Night Lords colour scheme I have listed my method, with bits & techniques claimed on my trawling of the inter-tubes. I don’t like the GW style of darker Ultramarines, especially since the Aaron Dembski-Bowden books describe it as ‘In Midnight Clad’, so dark its almost invisible in the shadows. Here it is:


The models were undercoated with GW Black Spray


The armour was drybrushed with Rub and Buff Pewter, bringing the black undercoat upto a silver colour.

Tamaiya Clear Blue and Clear Red were mixed together to make a clear purple which was applied over the whole model in 3-4 very thin coats.

Once the model had dried, the whole thing was airbrushed with a layer of Auto Air colour Transparent Blue.

The Lightning strikes were painted on with Administratum Grey as a base coat.  Then were the lightning strikes meet, it was highlighted with white.


The armour trim was basecoat Warplock Bronze, Highlighted Balthazar Gold, followed by Gehennas Gold and  finally given a wash of Agrax Earthshade.


Bat wings etc. were basecoated Khorne Red, given a highlight of Mephiston Reh, adding flesh tones (Pallid Wych Flesh) for edge highlights. A glaze of Druchii Violet was applied to the recesses to increase the tone


Once the model had dried, it was protected with a coating of GW Purity Seal.