Night Lords 2016 Progress Update

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Well, it’s been quite some time since my last post, in that time I have moved twice, studied to be a Qualified Teacher and started doing just that!

The summer holidays have allowed me time to decompress and think about things other than pedagogy and seating plans, which means hobby time!

I picked up the Betrayal at Calth box before it is retired and the Night Lords Legion pack with it from Forge World to turn its contents into members of the VIIIth, and here is that progress.


Here is the Calth plastic Dreadnaught with the additions of a Volkite weapon and various bits from the Night Lords etched brass sheet from FW, which are great by the way! It’s still in progress but is getting there!


I converted the Calth Chaplin into a Centurion, with magnetized options to be fielded as a Moritat. I removed his left shoulder plate and added a Night Lords one, and then resculpted the cloak covering. I have also ordered a Volkite pistol so he may be equipped with a Plasma/Volkite pistol combo.



I used the spare plastic Dreadnaught weapons with my own bits to make another Assault Cannon, I also finished my remaining magnetized weapons for my previous Dreadnaught.


I assembled the rest of the Calth box using Night Lords Helmets and Chests to make sure every trooper had some VIIIth detailing in addition to the shoulder pad. I converted the Headsmen for the 3 units to have either Chain-glaives or a Lightning claw.

The Terminators were equipped with Volkite Chargers and a single Lightning Claw, purely based on fluff, with the Sgt having a pair of claws. I used the Forge World brass etched details to add legion iconography in addition to plastic skulls to one of the pauldrons.



Finally, I ordered Volkite weapons for the Calth troops, which have been painted separately to make painting the troopers easier.

(My Terror Squads are: Headsman: Plasma Pistol and either Chain-glaive or Lightning Claw. 9 Troopers with 1 Flamer, 6 Volkite Chargers, 2 Bolters.)



When looking for ways to customise my models I came across these excellent resin pieces from a eBay seller, a set of flayed flesh shoulder ornaments and tabards, 2 off-the-shoulder cloaks with flayed flesh and 2 back cloaks with stitched flesh and bones. They are awesome, and I will most certainly be getting more for my force.

That’s all for now, and when life settles into a more predictable routine I hope to make more progress this year!