In Midnight Clad – Contemptor

Horus Heresy, Night Lords, Painting

Here is my completed Contemptor Dreadnought. The armour was painted in the same way as detailed in my Sevatar post.


Contempt1 Contempt3



Here is a close up of the lightning on the piece, is the same method on all three parts:


Paint the lightning in Administratum Grey as a base coat, then were the lightning strikes meet, it was highlighted with white, once this was dry a technique called ‘juicing’ was used with an airbrush. This involves filling the airbrush cup with thinners and adding 2 drops of white, which is then mixed in the cup.

Then this very thin white wash is sprayed on a low PSI setting, very softly around the lightning, giving it a glowing effect.


I applied a super-heated effect to the gun barrels on the Contemptor with an airbrush and a selection of washes:

LascannonWeb AutocannonWeb

This was achieved by masking any overlapping metal with tape, so only the barrel itself is exposed. this was then airbrushed in a blend from the exit of the barrel going backwards in about 1/4 measurements with Blue then Purple then Sepia finally leaving the last 1/4 untouched. When this was dry the very end of the barrel was drybrushed with Mithril Silver.


The base was again from Anvil Forge but with the addition of a GW injured marine, converted into a 30K Sons of Horus officer. This was painted in the same way Forge World say they painted theirs.

NOTE: The casualties in my army are Sons of Horus since this 30K jaunt is being experienced by myself and a friend, who is building a Sons force, so its just for that thematic reason, not due to any major conflict between those legions I’m aware of…



The weapons for the Contemptor are all drilled and magnetized, giving me maximum tactical options for the least financial outlay!

They were painted on the magnetic contraption pictured below: